Windows in EOD project

Edit window

There can be only one Edit window in the EOD project. It is used for editing of a selected input file containing electrostatic or magnetic lens or multipoles.
Edit window

Output window

Output windows display lens or multipoles design configuration, electrostatic or magnetic field isolines or maps (saturation) and also the results of computations in form of plots in any combination. An output window is intended only to visualize the results. It can only be exported as a bmp or emf picture.
Output window with 3D view

Plot window

Plot windows display the results of EOD calculation in the form of a 2D plot containing several series of data. Series of plot can be mathematically manipulated. Plots can be saved in plot files and displayed in another project.
Plot window with particle trajectories


Notes window is used as a simple notepad. Its contents is stored in the project file when the project is saved. It can be exported to another application only using Copy & Paste.