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Simple magnetic lens
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Simple magnetic lens
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Magnetic lens
Paraxial properties
Trajectories of electrons
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Project details

  • Design of simple magnetic lens and computation of magnetic flux density
  • Graphical output of calculated results
  • Focusation of 10 keV electron beam from z=-60 mm to 10 mm.
  • Computation of optical properties
  • Trajectories of electrons

Project shows:

  • Windows used (Edit window is active, Project window in the upper left corner shows files used, bottom left Calculation output has results of computing optical properties, bottom right Notes with user remarks)
  • Each of the windows can be moved and resized, graphics zoomed, contents saved and printed or exported)
  • Variety of outputs can be made


Geometry of magnetic lens

Axial flux density - B(z)

Axial magnetic flux density

Saturation plus fluxlines

Paraxial imaging

Paraxial imaging properties

The output window with rays

Output window with rays

3D view to magnetic lens with rays

3D view to magnetic lens with rays